Production Department

About Department

The department of Production Engineering was established in 1989 with the objective to offer UG Program with specialization in the field of manufacturing engineering and technology with intake 30 students. It was the Fourth program in the state to meet the demand of specific knowledge and skills in engineering industries. The department provides very good facilities to create human resource for highest quality.

Features :
a.       Four Years- Eight Semester Full Time Program
b.       Most contemporary program content to suit industry requirement
c.        Provision of Industrial Training as part of syllabus.


To emerge as a leading Production Engineering Department in the state of Gujarat, Continuously responding to industrial, social and economical environment, striving for excellence and growth.


To offer need based technical programs and services in the area of Production Engineering to meet the ever changing expectations of the society and industry to their ultimate satisfaction, by playing a pivotal role in the overall development of the society.

Head of Department's Message

Welcome to Production Engineering Department, the department has established in 1989. The Department is committed to fostering a stimulating intellectual environment in which both faculty and students excel in teaching and learning.
Production engineering department concentrate on providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge.Emphasis is on communication skills, creativity, leadership, and innovation to make our students capable of undertaking responsibilities. Value added courses have been made regular feature of our system to fulfill today's demand of the corporate world. These efforts go a long way in making the students desirable and employable.

Programme Outcomes

1. Foundational Knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, humanities and social science.
2.  Professional Core Skills in
  •      Manufacturing,
  •      Production management,
  •      Computation
  •      Design
  •      Entrepreneurship
  •      Product development and research
3. Problem Solving Abilitybased upon knowledge and skills to develop integrated solutions to large-scale, socio-technical problems
4. Optimization Skill setsfor modeling, optimization and evaluation of integrated systems of people, technology and information.
5. Communication to communicate in both oral and written forms and to become proficient in working in diverse teams of individuals.
6. Group Dynamics Skills to work as a leader/ team member.
7. Analytical Skillsto analyze Practical problems of real life.
8. Design skills for designing various machine elements.
9. Understanding ofEthical Behavior to be prepared for ethical decision making, service to the engineering profession, and have the means to continue in the acquisi­tion of knowledge.
10. Practical skill to convert theoretical knowledge.
11. Learning skill for continuous learning.
12. Managerial skills forthe management and decision making

Laboratory Details:

(1) Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Computer Aided Manufacutring (CAM) Laboratory: Room No. 120 Main Building
(2) Measurement and Industrial Engineering Laboratory: Room No: 130 Main Building
(3) Computer Laboratory: Room No. 132 Main Building
(4) Workshop: (Turning, Drilling, Punch and Die, Carpentory Shop, Fitting Shop, Grinding machine, Tinsmithy shop etc)  shared with Mechanical Enigneering Dept.
(5) Fluid Mechanics Laboratory: Shared with Civil Enigneering Department


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