Instrumentation & Control

About Department

This course is in demand in view of the rapid growth and expansion in the fields of process control and automation industries. The department has set up laboratories dedicated to Instrumentation and process control, Electronics Instrumentation, Basic Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Analytical Instrumentation etc. The department has adequate number of post graduate qualified teachers with experience to meet the academic needs of the students.


To emerge as a leading IC Engineering Department in the state of Gujarat, Continuously responding to industrial, social and economical environment, striving for excellence and growth.


To offer need based technical programs and services in the area of IC Engineering to meet the ever changing expectations of the society and industry to their ultimate satisfaction, by playing a pivotal role in the overall development of the society

Message from Head of Department

It gives me immense pleasure to state that the Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering has been maintaining exemplary academic record consistently. The Instrumentation & Control Engineering department has been responsible for imparting quality education in various fields of Instrumentation & Control Engineering. The notable asset of our department is its highly motivated, technically qualified and well experienced faculty.

Programme Outcomes

  • To demonstrate multidisciplinary adoption of knowledge to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment for designing, analysis, implementation and maintenance of control System.
  • Apply the knowledge of Instrumentation & Control Engineering to solve problems of social relevance, pursue higher education and research and entrepreneurship.
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering Graduates will work effectively as individual and as team members in multidisciplinary projects and industry.
  • Engage in lifelong learning, career enhancement and adapt to changing professional and societal needs. 


Name of Laboratory

Major Equipments


Electronic Lab

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Mixed Signal oscilloscope, Function Generators, DC power Supply


Computer &  Simulation Lab

Computers, Software, Laptop


Measurement & Instrumentation Lab

Transducer trainer, Various temperature sensor kit, Straing Gauge, LVDT, Load Cell,


Process Control & PLC/SCADA Lab

Pressure trainer, flow trainer, temperature trainer, PLC trainer, DCS, Valve demo