The institute comprises of U.G. department such as Civil engg., Mechanical engg., Instrumentation & Controll engg., Electronics & Communication engg., Production engg., Information technology, Electrical engg., Marine engg. All the departments of the institute have well equipped laboratories to cater the U. G. as well as P.G. programmes. In addition facilities such as library, computer center, Internet facility and workshop are also available.
Each department has modern, well-equipped laboratories for U.G. programmes. Most of the laboratories are recognised for testing and standardization by the various organization. Through central assistance, the various laboratories of the institute are continuously modernized. In emerging areas, new laboratories of the institute are being established. In addition to practical and projects of students, the laboratories also cater for industrial testing on diverse fields.
Mechanical Workshop
The Institute workshop is fully equipped with modern machine tools and machineries to cater to acquainting the students with basic operations of manufacturing and production.
Institute library has about 19088 technical books. The library has latest collection of reference books, handbooks, encyclopedias and Indian Standards. The library has book bank facility for students. Moreover, each department is having their own library for ready reference.
Computing Facility
The computing facility is quite adequate and is expanding. Each department has its own computer center with latest systems. Latest Processor based multimedia system and other personal computer with latest configurations are in use. In addition to this 100 Mbps leased line for Internet networking is installed and each node of the institute is connected in Campus Wide Area Network.
Training and Placement Cell
The placement and training cell of the institute serves as an efficient linkage between the institute and the industry. The main objective of the cell is to focus on the over-all development of the students through training and expert lectures. The cell is functioning with interaction with industrial experts, professional engineers and management consultants. The cell also arranges industrial visit of the faculty members. The students of our institute were selected in various campus interviews like Army-University Entry Scheme, L & T Ltd., I&PCL, Steelcast, Modest, TCL, Zeus Learning etc. The cell is interacting with various companies for recruitment of the students as graduate engineer, trainee, software development engineer or management trainee. The cell looks forward for the placement of the students of all disciplines of the institute. We foresee to join hands with the industrial giants for the placement of the students of all the disciplines of the institute in the new campus.
The institute has the canteen facility which provides fresh and good food to all students
Girls Room
The institute has the special room for all the girls.