Applied Mechanics

About Department

The Applied Mechanics Department is established since establishment of this college in 1983 Jointly with Civil Engineering department. The institute has produced many eminent engineers who have contributed significantly to the work of civil engineering projects Nationwide and abroad too.

The department contributes to Mechanical, Production and Electrical engineering UG education to core- engineering subjects over and above Civil engineering subjects, related to structural analysis, Geotechnical engineering and Design of Civil Engineering Structures.

The department is enriched with a Computer Laboratory, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Laboratory, Concrete Technology Laboratory, Structural Analysis Laboratory, Mechanics of Solids Laboratory, Earthquake Engineering Laboratory and a departmental library. Learning is made simple through and augmented with experimentation and relevant site visits.

The department feels proud for the State of Art laboratories Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Laboratory for Non-Convectional equipment’s, Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, Computer Laboratory equipped with design software and the department library – the knowledge centre especially focused to Earthquake Engineering and design of steel structures including the books and literature on the subjects being taught by the department.

The Department has made e – books, ASCE e – journals, NPTEL video and web courses available to the students through the institute Wi-Fi resources in entire campus including student’s hostels.

The department offers civil engineering materials testing and consultancy services in the field of geotechnical and structural engineering to the Public. Many renowned Government, private institutes and organizations have availed such services. Faculties of the department are involved in various committee of Gujarat Technological University (GTU) for enhancement / updation of syllabus and students profile.

The institutional membership of INSDAG (Institute for Steel Development Growth in India) and TIE (The Institute of Engineers, India) are availed for making its faculty members professionally updated and to maintain professional relationship with outside world; working in the relevant profession.


  • To emerge as a leading Civil Engineering Department, striving continuously for excellence and growth.


  • To offer need based Civil engineering programs.

  • To deliver quality students to society.

  • To serve the industry and society to meet the changing expectations.

Message from Head of Department


  1. Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals for appropriate solution of complex civil engineering problem.

  2. Identify, formulate and analyze data pertaining to complex civil engineering problems to reach substantiated conclusions.

  3. An ability to apply design/develop solution to complex civil engineering problems and design system components with appropriate consideration of economy, public health and  safety, culture, societal and environmental aspects.

  4. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data and synthesize information to draw valid conclusions.

  5. An ability to create, select and use modern tools and techniques for civil engineering practices.

  6. Analyze local and global impact of issues relevant to civil engineering on individual, organizations and society.

  7. Understand the need for sustainable development and provide engineering solutions suitable to social and environmental context.

  8. Understanding of professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

  9. Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse and in multidisciplinary environments.

  10. Communicate effectively in various formats across layers of professional and societal organization

  11. An ability to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment as a leader or member of team, demonstrating knowledge and principles of management.   

  12. Recognize the need for and have ability to engage in lifelong learning to adapt with technological advancements.


Programme Educational Objectives


To develop student’s competence in fundamental engineering and technical courses of Civil Engineering.


To develop ability to perceive, understand, analyze, design and comprehence industrial challenges.


To provide foundation in UG Courses blended with professional skills to make them suitable for relevant employment and further studies.


To Develop understanding of the social and human aspects in students, in which their engineering contributions will be utilized


To inculcate communication skills in the students to be effective in collaboration with other members of engineering teams.

Laboratory Details

1) Mechanics of Solids [Main Building]
2) Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering [Main Building]
3) Concrete Technology [Main Building]
4) Computer Laboratory [Main Building]
6) Structural Analysis [Main Bilding]



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